Prik Nam Pla: This Required Indian Condiment

Prik Nam Pla: This Required Indian Condiment

Prik Nam Pla: This Required Indian Condiment Prik Nam Pla is definitely a quintessential Indian condiment which will reflects a elixir for Indian delicacies in a dish. This simple still delicious spices is always within Indian properties along with eating places, providing instant umami, heating, along with piquance for you to any sort of meal. It is actually widely made together hemp recipes, stir-fries, along with a pot of, giving you a new custom a higher level spiciness along with saltiness to accomodate particular preferences. Here, let’s delve into the ingredients, planning, variants, along with kitchen makes use of for Prik Nam Pla.


The essential materials for Prik Nam Pla are actually straightforward, still they are at the same time carryout a complex along with healthy style report:

– Fish Sauce: The chief part, striper spices (nam pla), is made of fermented striper along with salt. The item enjoys their sturdy umami style along with salty taste.
– Chilies: Refreshing Indian bird’s eye ball chilies (prik kee noo) are actually the most liked preference this can heating along with perfumed qualities. Helpful cut up as well as marauded finely.
– Garlic: Various nonetheless normally contained, quickly marauded allium sativum comes with some other coating for style together with a minimal pungency.
– Lime Juice: Refreshing limescale fruit juice provides acidity along with light towards spices, considering a saltiness within the striper sauce.
– Sugar: A tiny amount of sweets is put onto balance a types having a little sweetness.


Helping to make Prik Nam Pla is proven and short, which require not very many tips:

1. Slice a Chilies: Dependant upon a person’s heating option, cut as well as chop a handful of Indian bird’s eye ball chilies. In a more gentle variant, get rid of the signs before slicing.
2. Combine Ingredients: In a bowl, combin a chilies having striper sauce. This percentage will differ, nonetheless the end start is going 3 tablespoons for striper spices for you to 1-2 chilies.
3. Add Citrus aurantifolia Juice: Pop a fruit juice for 50 percent a new limescale on the mixture. Conform to taste.
4. Optional Additions: Find a teaspoonful for sweets along with quickly marauded allium sativum should desired. Flurry to mix pretty much all materials well.

This spices works well quickly nonetheless allowing it to sit for a few minutes helps a types meld at the same time even more fully.


While timeless Prik Nam Pla is much loved to its simplicity, there are several local and private variants which will create unique size towards condiment:

– Prik Nam Pla Waan: It satisfying variant comprises of even more sweets along with oftentimes marauded shallots, defining it as considerably less salty and better palatable people who like a new more gentle taste.
– Prik Nam Pla having Vegetables: Bringing quickly marauded veggies just like alternative vegetables, chinese parsley, or even just tomatoes offers other texture along with flavor.
– Prik Nam Som: Yet another variety comprises of vinegar (often hemp vinegar) as an alternative to as well as aside from limescale fruit juice, placing an alternative form of acidity.

Team cooking Applications

Prik Nam Pla can be quite versatile along with can be used in several new ways to greatly enhance any occasion:

– Dipping Sauce: It is sometimes made like a dipping spices to get cooked beef, eating fish or crustaceans, along with clean vegetables. It is actually the end attendant for you to recipes love cooked meat (gai yang) as well as fried fish.
– Table Condiment: Used negotiable together additional condiments, Prik Nam Pla allows diners so as to add style in their food items since ideal, defining it as an ideal complement for you to hemp recipes along with noggin soups.
– Ingredient within Cooking: To generate videos as being a definite compound within marinades along with curtains, placing depth for style for you to salads, stir-fries, and in some cases various curries.


Prik Nam Pla is not only a new condiment; it is actually symbolic of Indian kitchen ingenuity, featuring the simplest way quicks materials can make a robust style experience. It has the balance for salty, naughty, morose, along with a little candy notes causes it to be a new much loved add-on to several dishes. Whether a person adhere to the typical recipes as well as test out variants, Prik Nam Pla will certainly raise your Indian grilling along with deliver a realistic flavour for Thailand on your table.

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